Saturday, November 19, 2011

Herm is Cooking For Now

Despite even his own efforts the Herman Cain presidential campaign is still rolling. With past accusations of sexual harassment and a total lack of knowledge of Foreign Policy the pizza man from Georgia as still remained one of the top Republican candidates for president. Some people are starting to think that he has a serious chance winning the Republican nomination. This has some voters excited and others scared to death. I will either ease your fears or disappoint you when I say that its not going to happen.

Please do not get fooled by these polls that you see on the news. These polls are sent out to people who may or may not even be Republicans and they also may not even vote. We have a long primary ahead of us and the 24 hour news networks have to try to make this interesting to a mass public that is more interest in Housewife reality shows then politics. People love animated characters that give comedic sound bites. People like Cain, Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann feeds this need. Where lets say a Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman do not.

The cycle of front runners changing is definitely not over. If we have not learned anything from recent years elections and polls that it doesn't matter until people start actually casting the ballots. At this time in 1991 Bill Clinton was polling 4th in the Democrat Primary behind leader Jerry Brown. Do any of you know who Jerry Brown is without googling him? Probably not. Our current President Barack Obama was 20 points behind Hilary Clinton the polls at this time.

Reasons He will not get The Votes
1. His foreign policy sucks- Its cute to fail basic foreign policy questions in interviews but not cool for a president. What he think is funny could embarrass a country on international scale. He actually asked Henry Kissinger to be his secretary of State which would been an excellent choice 30 years ago.

2. Sexual Harassment Charges- It hasn't hurt him the polls but when ballots are actually cast do not think this will not factor in. Women are not kind to men who are believed to mistreat them. A dirty secret is that most women will experience this in their life and is a very person issue to them.

3. He can't Defend 999 -You can not have a signature plan that your entire campaign is based on that you can not defend. He has failed to accurately explain if the plan can realistically work.

So for now lets just let Herm continue to cook in these never ending GOP debates. He will not be president any time soon. Realistically he will have an evening show on Fox News or some syndicated radio show again but he won't be living in the white house.