Friday, August 26, 2011

I Blame Obama Too

The popular thing to do these days is to blame the President for your problems. You may think that this is because the president is a black man or because Democrats are unreasonable but its neither. All Presidents since the good old George Washington. Sometimes its fair and most of the time its not because the President doesn't even have control over most of the stuff the general public complains about.

Now I could turn this into a political science lesson but that's too hard and you don't want to hear it. So like the old saying goes "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em". So I will blame the president for things that I do not like either.

The Things Obama Needs to Handle

Where is The Boondocks
I am not sure if there is or not going to be a 4th season of the Boondocks. I am also very disturbed that the White House has not publicly taken on this issue. The night time cartoon entertainment of America is a serious issue. If he has to give Aaron McGruder a tax break or threaten the Cartoon Network, somebody needs to handle this.

My Student Loans
Yes you heard it right, President Obama needs to do something about my student loans. I know they were not incurred during his presidency but this is federal debt and he is in charge of the federal government. Relieving me of this enormous debt that has not resulted in a job of my major would be the right thing to do. Since his economy is not allowing me to get a better job making a six figure salary. If I did not have to make these payments then I could use the money to help stimulate this economy and create a job or 2.

We Still Have Not Found Biggie and Tupac's Killers
Yes I went there but hear me out. The President is over the Attorney General who is America's top law enforcement officer. We can not have killers of talented African Americans running around unchecked. But this just further illustrates that President does not care enough about the black community.

Dumb People Having Jobs
In this tight economy there is no reason why stupid people are taking jobs that intelligent people could have. I encountered too many people in different places that such at their job because they are not smart. They can not handle basic instructions and screw things up for everyone. They are costing their prospective employers money and wasting my time. Why is there no legislation for the cashiers at Wal Mart be forced to take math test.

Those are my complaints for now but I am sure Mr Obama will ruin my life and yours some more. Well maybe not but why should I or others have to be responsible for our personal issues...

Monday, August 15, 2011

New Direction for The Same Stuff

This post is basically to announce that this blog is changing. Basically I will still talk about politics, history and current events but there will be a more satirical look at life. I am sure that I will have to explain this more than once as after this post. Because you may not get the satire and think that I am dead serious. So sit back and enjoy the ride and laugh a little. Its all fun and life...

Monday, August 8, 2011

I am Done with you Dumb People

I have taken a long break from this blog but I am back but a little broken. I have lost a lot of faith in the collective intelligence of this country. If I have already lost you then you are part of the problem. In our current climate of politics, I have seen that a large portion of the American people have not clue. This crosses all political parties, racial groups and economic statuses. There were times that I felt like there was a large population of people who just not exposed to the proper information. Now I understand that you have it but you still can not figure it out.

During this wonderful debt ceiling debate I learned that many of you have no clue at all. Both the far left and far right can easily be influenced to anything. The fact that some of you all have a vote scares me to death. There are more problems out there that are disturbing me but hey let me just give you some of the examples.

Bachmann as a responsible Presidential Option
Now this one is partially my fault because in a previous post I said I would give her a chance. Well that is over and done with. She is not as stupid as everyone thought initially but instead she is something much worse. Miss Michele is bat-shit insane. I love how when she gets attacked its because she is a woman(well played Michele). Reality is that anyone who actually thinks that it would have a good idea to not raise the debt ceiling and possibly default on our loan obligations should not even a have a real job of consequence. The fact that she tries to rewrite history and remembers our slave owning founding fathers as soldiers of equality. Lets just hope that the Iowa straw polls results are only a reflection of the politics of conservative voters in rural mid America not the view of people who actually been to high school.

So You Support the Self Serving Tour
Just in case you haven't heard Tavis Smiley and Dr Cornel West have embarked on a tour to end poverty. In that tour they aim a lot of criticism at President Obama. Is the President beyond being criticized, the answer is of course not. But the critique should come from a good place and it should acknowledge the good work that has been done. To say the president doesn't care about poor people or poor blacks specifically would be irresponsible. Despite the push of the healthcare bill and advocating for the extension of unemployment benefits Dr West has made no bones about calling a “Black mascot” for “Wall Street oligarchs.” What this really is the sour grapes tour because Tavis hates that the President didn't get the memo that he was some kind of black leader. West wants to remain relevant in the consciousness of America also and hey wouldn't the defacto black leader be the black president. The fact is that a lot you all don't see this obvious conflict going on here and don't understand that the President has to answer to the entire country not just the black voters.

First of the 12% percent of the population that we represent only helped to get the president elected. We did not do it all by ourselves. Secondly when he ran for president he pretty much ran a moderate. He said he would listen and compromise on different issues. Lastly can any of you tell me the black agenda because I have not gotten a memo lately. Because if its jobs, the economy or the housing situation then we and all other races have the same issues.