Friday, August 26, 2011

I Blame Obama Too

The popular thing to do these days is to blame the President for your problems. You may think that this is because the president is a black man or because Democrats are unreasonable but its neither. All Presidents since the good old George Washington. Sometimes its fair and most of the time its not because the President doesn't even have control over most of the stuff the general public complains about.

Now I could turn this into a political science lesson but that's too hard and you don't want to hear it. So like the old saying goes "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em". So I will blame the president for things that I do not like either.

The Things Obama Needs to Handle

Where is The Boondocks
I am not sure if there is or not going to be a 4th season of the Boondocks. I am also very disturbed that the White House has not publicly taken on this issue. The night time cartoon entertainment of America is a serious issue. If he has to give Aaron McGruder a tax break or threaten the Cartoon Network, somebody needs to handle this.

My Student Loans
Yes you heard it right, President Obama needs to do something about my student loans. I know they were not incurred during his presidency but this is federal debt and he is in charge of the federal government. Relieving me of this enormous debt that has not resulted in a job of my major would be the right thing to do. Since his economy is not allowing me to get a better job making a six figure salary. If I did not have to make these payments then I could use the money to help stimulate this economy and create a job or 2.

We Still Have Not Found Biggie and Tupac's Killers
Yes I went there but hear me out. The President is over the Attorney General who is America's top law enforcement officer. We can not have killers of talented African Americans running around unchecked. But this just further illustrates that President does not care enough about the black community.

Dumb People Having Jobs
In this tight economy there is no reason why stupid people are taking jobs that intelligent people could have. I encountered too many people in different places that such at their job because they are not smart. They can not handle basic instructions and screw things up for everyone. They are costing their prospective employers money and wasting my time. Why is there no legislation for the cashiers at Wal Mart be forced to take math test.

Those are my complaints for now but I am sure Mr Obama will ruin my life and yours some more. Well maybe not but why should I or others have to be responsible for our personal issues...

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