Friday, February 15, 2013

Documentary Suggestion : The Power Broker

This week’s documentary suggestion has not aired just yet. So here is a chance to set your DVR or tune in to see it. This project will air on PBS on February 18th. It is an Independent Lens project about civil rights leader Whitney Young.

Young is a figure that is not discussed as much as a MLK or Malcolm X. Young’s methods were not through marching or other forms of mass direction action. He fought for the economic empowerment for African Americans. His work with the National Urban League helped blacks fight for employment in careers that were traditionally reserved for whites.

His influence allowed him to mingle with CEOs of Fortune 500 corporations and helped them see the value in the black workforce. His was very influential in political circles also. Young was an advisor to Presidents Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon. Nixon even tried to recruit Young to be part of his cabinet after the 1968 election but Young declined. Young was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Johnson. This documentary will be a great chance to learn more about this civil rights icon.

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