Thursday, December 9, 2010

Obama is a Citizen

In today's blog we will take a look at the wonderful office of the United States president. Today's topic is the citizenship of our 44th President Barack Obama.

If you believe that there is a possibility that the President is not an authentic United States Citizen then you are an idiot. If you went to college you should get a refund and the instituion should lose accreditation.
Largely I blame the media for not just shooting down these stories when they come across. Instead they are desparate for ratings and decide to run these stories to get attention. I think also does a disservice to children in this country who hear this garbage and have not been taught any better. Well for the kids I am going to lay down some clear cut reasons why the President is definately a citizen.

1. The media would love to have a story like and would have done the proper research to prove otherwise.

2. According to the US Government - child automatically becomes a U.S. citizen when all of the following conditions have been met under section 320 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), as amended by the Child Citizenship Act (CCA):
At least one parent of the child is a U.S. citizen, whether by birth or naturalization

3. The man actually has a birth certificate on file in Hawaii. "Yeah sure his parents knew that they would want to elect a black president 50 years ago."

Sources for todays info

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