Thursday, April 21, 2011

Funny Stuff I have seen

As I was cruising through the news stories for this week I came across a few were particularly interesting. We have a few scandals and an 8 year old getting pepper sprayed just to let you know how crazy things are nowadays.

They Caught Another One

This week Republican Senator John Ensign announces his resignation. The Senator from Nevada is the subject of a Senate Ethics Committee investigation. Ensign contends that he has done nothing wrong and does not want to bring any more negative attention to his family. The investigation centers around an alleged affair that Ensign was having with the wife of his former top aide Doug Hampton. The Senator will send a letter to Vice President Joe Biden on Friday stating that his resignation from office will be effective on May 3, 2011. Ensign, 52announced earlier this year he would not seek reelection to a third term in 2012.
In 2009, the senator admitted to the extramarital affair with the wife of his former top aide. The problem comes with that soon following the revelations that Ensign's parents paid the Hamptons $96,000, and that the senator helped Doug Hampton find a lobbying job.
Where I think that this story in interesting is that Ensign was one of the good old family values politicians. In 1998 while running for Senate he was one of the leading voices requesting that President Clinton resign after his affair with Monica Lewinsky. This was not his last big stance either as Mr Ensign stated back in 2004 that he would support an amendment to the Constitution that would have defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman. Ensign said the amendment, which ultimately failed, was necessary to protect “the institution of marriage“. That one always kinds of gets me because I will never understand how allowing gays to get married would effect their marriage. What destroys that institution of marriage is cheating on your wife. He was not done with his self righteous judging of people because September 2007 he called for the resignation of Sen. Larry Craig when he got caught up with trying to solicit sex from a man in an airport restroom. Ensign called Craig a “disgrace” after he was arrested in June 2007. Yet the junior senator from Nevada would not have resigned if not for the upcoming Senate investigation into his actions. The is typical of politicians and others in our society who sit back and judge other mistakes and are quick to condemn them to hell. We have to remember that all of us make mistakes in this life that we live. The key is to learn from them and not repeat them. We have to be careful on how we judge our fellow brothers and sister before our self righteous chickens come home to roost.

Articles on Issue-

Do We Really Have to Pepper Spray 8 year olds In other general craziness, police in Colorado felt that they had to pepper spray an 8 year old kid that nobody could control. Apparently police were called to the school after Aidan Elliot had just thrown some chairs and a TV and was trying to use a cart to bust through a door in a office where teachers where trying to protect themselves and other students. The young boy was found with a piece of wood with a knife like point that he was threatening to stab his teachers with. The police decide to pepper spray Aidan when they could not calm him down. The youngster was savvy enough to block the first spray with a piece of cardboard. So the cops hit him with another spray which too the little boy down. After this incident Aidan's mother went on the national TV circuit saying that pepper spraying an 8 year old was too much. I will agree with her but she needs to figure out what wrong with her crazy 8 year old. Not only that if you see the interview below the young boy admitted that he was trying to hurt these adults in front of the interviewer and his mother. She should have been trying to correct him and that behavior right there.
I pretty much think everyone involved overracted to the situation and the police should have never been called in the first place. There is no 8 year old bad enough to scare me into a backroom somewhere. Sure you are thinking well he had a sharp object that he could have stabbed them with. That came after he was throwing chairs and a TV, couldnt somebody had grabbed him at this point. I would have taken the bad press for kicking an 8 year old in chest rather than the bad press from having to call the police. Between 2 teachers somebody could have grabbed the little kid. Not sure what the laws are in Colorado but I am sure it does allow for some drastic measures to be taken in an emergency situation.

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