Sunday, July 3, 2011

Crazy that is going on this week 7/4

Do You Want Fries with Your Colt 45
Your next fast food purchase could cause you to have to show some identification. In trying to boost profits Sonic has decided to let two of their South Florida restaurants to sell beer and wine. This has also been done by Burger King who has Whopper Bar locations in 3 different cities.

I have seen where people are citing America's convenient excuse that the economy is bad. These restaurants are just trying to find innovative ways to create new revenue streams. I am pretty sure that fast food companies are not hurting this hard for money. According to Ron Paul president at Technomic, a restaurant consulting firm. "For consumers, it's basically about having it your way — even if it's having a beer with your burger."

It just seems like that this would kind of dangerous and especially at a Sonic establishment. Mostly only serves customers in their cars. Which means that people will get food that they are buying because they can consume it quickly and on the go will be doing the same thing with alcohol. I like to drink like a lot of other people but I just don't believe that this is safe.

Robbing and Freaking
Out in Hillsboro, Missouri, a couple who was allegedly robbing a person's garage they decided to have sex with each other. I guess the excitement of a robbery turns some people on.

According to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department said the man and a woman were in the process of burglarizing the garage on Glade Chapel Road, in Hillsboro, when they decided to have sex. During the encounter the woman decided to pepper spray her criminal love interest. Not sure if the sex was that bad or she wanted all the goods for herself. She then took the car of the robbery victim and drove the car in a pond.

The robbery victim woke up and saw the man leaving the garage with a bag. The man was caught by police wear just a raincoat and had a bag of goods in his hand. Jail time and pepper spray is not a good way to end the day.

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  1. According to KSDK , the car belonged to the male suspect.