Friday, January 4, 2013

Congressional Congrestion

The United States House of Representatives seems to have some serious issues. No bills seem to be passed or voted on in a timely manner. It seems like every issue today is a battle between the two major parties. Don’t get me wrong all levels of politics have issues but today I am singling out the House of Representatives. It seems like this is where the major legislative congestion is coming from.

The major breakdown appears to come from not wanting to work together. These elected officials have forgotten what the American people have sent up to the hill for. Their Senate counterparts do a lot bickering and infighting but seem to pass the bills that make sense for everybody. The House will let bills sit and die but off.

Lately it appears to be bills that most Americans would assume to be no brainers. Most notably the bills for Hurricane Sandy and The Violence Against Women Act. There should be no partisan grandstanding here. Why is there any hold up here? Sandy aid finally got a vote after enough pressure but it shouldn’t have taken that much pushing. Neither party wants the other to get credit for getting anything done even at the expense of them not getting anything done.

As the people we should be frustrated and disgusted by these actions. The only suggestion really is for the people to make their voices heard. In the modern era we don’t even have to write letters. There are emails, phones and even tweets to get our elected officials attention. Also remember the beautiful thing about the House is that they are up for election every two years and 2014 is not that far away. If your representative is not holding things up then make them accountable for not calling out their fellow counterparts. The power for change is in all of our hands.

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