Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What Is Reality Anymore

There is a new reality show on the horizon. The Oxygen Network could possibly air “All My Baby Mamas” starring one Shawty Lo aka Carlos Walker. For those of you not familiar with Mr Walker’s work he is a one hit rapper from Atlanta, GA. The show will highlight a lesser known fact the Lo have father 11 children by 10 different women. (Insert all negative stereotypes here). I like’s Nolan Strong reference as a “modern family” unit. I guess he was being kind.

The internet has started buzzing like crazy over this show. There are all calls for boycotts of the show already. Unfortunately that is not what stops a show from getting on air and may even motivate the network to move forward with the program. It appears to follow the current reality show format that creates the no talent internet celebs we have come to enjoy such as a Snooki, Honey Boo Boo or any of the Real Housewives from anywhere. The reward for being outrageous and hard to deal with is stardom.

For those of you who don’t want the show to air and think it will have too many negative images get ready for disappointment. Here is the hard pill we as a society cheer on these type of train wrecks. Twitter and Facebook will have this show as a hit. If you are an outraged member of the black community trust when I tell you the establishment really doesn’t care about your feelings. Also every negative tweet or post you make about the show the network counts that as a viewer. Advertisers love viewers especially that don’t boycott their products.

For my fellow members of the black community don’t overreact. This is not a representation of the entire black community. I mean really do you know a guy with 10 baby’s mothers. This is a representation of what draws TV ratings and as whole what America wants to see. I think maybe the answer is just to ignore it. Don’t talk about it at all. We all know controversy sells so the shame of the entire race will only sell this more.

So I say get ready for spring 2013 when the show is slated to air. If you want to watch with enjoyment or breakdown the physiological issues that all of the characters must be facing in this situation. Of course when I say breakdown that I really mean to mock and make fun of. Ten women with some issues, as they try to make this weird situation work with this irresponsible man who happens to have enough money to make this all work.

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