Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wheres My Political Home

In today's political climate it appears that you have to be on the far right or far left. Well I am kind of in the middle on most subjects. Full disclosure I was a card carrying member of the GOP until about 2010 when the racial dog whistles started blowing really hard.

Now I know there has to more voters like me who do not blindly just watch the D or R next to a person's name and vote that way. Is there a place for a guy who pro 2nd Amendment but does also believe there should be some type of gun control. I do understand that we have to have taxes to sustain a government but don't think that one person should pay a higher rate based on their success. That being said you should not be able to use all types of loopholes to escape paying your part.

So where do you go when all the candidates seem to sell out any moderate leanings to align themselves with a political base. What is you are not that liberal but not that conservative either. Right now I am classified as an Independent but that does not provide me any real political representation. Apparently America only sees Republicans and Democrats.

The way I see it now is that the two party system is basically like professional wrestling.Basically a contest of good guys vs bad guys. Unlike wrestling where the roles are defined for you, in politics everybody thinks that the side that they are on is the good one. While the opposition are the villains. More real life just like wrestling the winners and losers are probably agreed upon before the match starts and in a backroom bargaining session. If you can not make it as a successful babyface then what do you do? You become a heel and go the other way. Just like in wrestling the tweener who doesn't lean that much either way doesn't inspire the fans hate or love and just has no place.   

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