Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama is Dead but Lets Not Get Too Happy

If you have not heard the number 1 terrorist in the world is dead. Yes Osama Bin Laden has be killed by the United States Military. It is a great victory for our country and for our military and it does supply some closure to the 9/11 disaster. That is where it begins and ends. This is not a means for some sort of celebration or feel as if that terrorism is dead. We still have to close out 2 major conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The world is a better place now that this fungus is gone from it but lets know we have a lot of work to do. The death of Bin Laden is 66 years and 1 day from the suicide of Adolf Hitler. The world will keep producing bastards like this. We can not just combat them by killing them because it is way too late by then. We have to learn better ways to communicate and combat their vicious ideological movements that motivate people to follow these jerks.

Remember This Guy We Thought We were Safe When He was Dead
Remember Tim McVeigh a man responsible for killing 156 people at an Oklahoma City federal building. Tim is the scariest type of terrorist to me because he his home grown. While the mainstream media is looking for the newest Islamic radical, what about the crazy guy from down the street. Actually when the bombing first occurred reports went out that the FBI was looking for an Islamic terrorist. Upon Tim's execution America felt a little safer. He was killed June 11, 2001, exactly 90 days before 9/11.

Al Qaeda Are not The Only Terrorist Out There
I seen a few articles and news reports that ask the question of who is going to lead Al Qaeda? I will say that it doesn't really matter. There are more than enough people I am sure that will want to assume the leadership of the organization but they are not the only problem. Unfortunately there are many terror organizations foreign and domestic that will keep us busy for the next few years.

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