Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So Why Is There Still All This Lebron Hate

Now I usually don't do sports stories but because they are so integrated in the fabric our society they tend to have very interesting topics. So today I decided to touch on the polarizing figure that is one Lebron James. It almost seems like people fall into 2 camps on this young man. Either they love him or hate him. I am sure there are a lot of people who are in between or just don't care but they are not that vocal. Today I am on going to focus on the Lebron detractors. I just want to know where it all comes from? I can slightly understand if you are from Cleveland but most of y'all are not even from Ohio. If you are from Cleveland I say get over it, professional athletes do not owe you anything.

Are We Still Pissed About the Decision
Are we still mad that Lebron had a decision special to announce his plan to go to Miami. I actually enjoyed Lebron doing the decision special. Not only did he draw in over 10 million viewers, which means a lot of you watched it but he donated the money to the Boys and Girls Club. Do you think it was self serving, okay I can understand that. I will say this though, I believe ESPN was going to run a special themselves regardless. From the time he signed only a 3 year extension in Cleveland people were speculating where Lebron was going since 2007. We have seen the signs in New York that said 2 more years and how different franchises cleared out rosters and salary caps to get a chance at Mr. James. So why does him taking charge on his own destiny make you mad?

Isn't This All About Winning Champions

So a lot of noble sports fans say that its all about championships. Lebron will never be Jordan if he does not win championships and a lot of them. Not that his career should be evaluated against Michael's or any other former players but his own perceived greatness. Well Lebron realized he was not going to win with Cleveland so he left for the team that would give a good chance at winning. If you watched the Eastern Conference Finals this year, then you saw Derrick Rose struggle by himself because he had teammates who could not help him.

Time for you Cleveland Fans to Let It Go
Its time for you Cleveland Cavaliers fans to get some therapy if you are not over this man leaving your sorry team. You may not know this but professional sports is a job just like working at the post office, Waffle House or General Motors. If your company is going down and not providing you with an opportunity to grow you leave. There is nobody turning you into a demon for leaving Bank of America and going to Wells Fargo.

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