Thursday, May 19, 2011

This Week in Craziness

Another week of craziness going on out there. So I decided to do quick breakdown of the events just in case you missed it or just wanted a different spin on the situation.

The CDC(Center for Disease Control) Talks Zombies
So last week the Center for Disease Control decided to post in their Public Health Matters blog what to do in case of the Zombie Apocalypse. Now I am pretty sure that this was a joke but we have to understand that this country is full of stupid people who do not understand this type of comedy. Realistically the CDC does not need a sense of humor.

So the Rapture was supposed to Happen on Saturday
Full disclosure I wrote this portion on Thursday 05/19/11 just because I was pretty confident that this was not going to happen. If it actually does I will not change the blog and swallow that I was wrong. I am sure that I am not because nobody has a clue or idea when the world is going to end. The funny thing is that people who are rational and intelligent have bought into this idea.

So Harold Camping has crunched numbers in the Bible and concluded the world is coming to an end. (seen in the picture below) Who is he you ask? Camping is a Christian radio broadcaster and president of Family Radio, a California-based religious broadcasting network that spans more than 150 outlets in the United States as well as a website. Oh yeah Mr. Harold has already predicted this wrong before. He originally thought the world would end in September of 1994. What Mr Camping did do is provoke discussion on the rapture and made feel a little better about the world that people are in touch with the idea of a higher power. I think that he was not serious though and his followers were just trying to get attention and make money. I am sure if he is alive in a few years we will have some other prediction. If you are a Christian and believe in the rapture just remember that no man knows the date or time.

The Press Knows to make a Divorce Even Worse
Unless you have trapped under a rock you are aware that former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver are splitting up. You also know about his love child that he had with his housekeeper. Say whatever you want about Arnold but the media went for blood to expose this story and exploit this kid. Everybody forgot that Arnold and Maria had children and that they were going to watch this. I expect this from TMZ, The Enquirer but I always believed that CNN and Fox News would be above actually attempting to a picture of Arnold's illegitimate son. Showing up at the door step to get a glimpse of him and his mother is disgusting.

So Cornel West is Still Pumping His and Tavis's Sour Grapes

So last week we also saw Cornel West make his attack on President Barack Obama because of his sour grapes. He wants to believe that black people are giving the president a pass on black issues. This is consistent with the West, Tavis Smiley and Michael Eric Dyson agenda. Sometimes they come up with valid criticisms of President Obama but they are usually cloaked with their own hate that no one wants to pay attention. This was very apparent on West's most recent appearance on The Ed Show on MSNBC. He also had a recent heated exchange with Al Sharpton over Obama's relationship with Black America. What West and Smiley have to understand we as black people do not have one voice or thought process. They definitely have to get over their own egos. Just because the candidate Obama didn't come to Tavis's little event or that he doesn't invite West to the White House does not mean he is not in touch with black issues.
If you do not think that the president passing a health bill doesn't help African Americans then you are crazy. Health care is one of the largest issue affecting blacks. Lobbying for Congress to extend unemployment benefits had to have in impact in a community that has the highest unemployment rate had to help. One question that some one could post to Dr West is what would he like the President to do specifically. The Hispanic and LGBT community both address not only the president but the entire government with specific issues. They are vocal with what legislation they want passed. Where is the criticism of the Congressional Black Caucus or the Democratic Party for not raising the issues that we need raised. Until then we will just look like a bunch of bickering people with no unity.

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