Monday, June 27, 2011

Are We Ready for The Ladies... Really Are We?

With the current candidacy of Michelle Bachmann for president and the potential for another woman to jump in the race I decided to pose a question.

Are we really ready for a female President of The United States?

I know the knee jerk reaction is yes but I want every one to think about this critically. We are supposed to be this progressive and enlightened nation and yet many other nations have had female presidents and Prime Ministers before the good old USA. In the 2008 election Hilary Clinton came as close we have ever have seen a woman come to seriously going after the big office.

With the election of the first minority president ever we have seen a lot of underlying racist themes against this President. Trust me this country is just as sexiest as it is racist. The criticisms that are lobbed at female politicians can be seen to be sexiest. Look at the way the possible cost of Sarah Palin's wardrobe was scrutinized during the 2008 Presidential campaign. No one ever asked how much John McCain's suits cost.

I honestly believe that we are getting closer. Three of the last four Secretary of State's have been women. Not sure when it will happen but I know we maybe overdue...

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