Saturday, June 11, 2011

Crazy people all around- 96 yr confesses to Murder

The World's Most Pampered Pooch Dies
So one of the richest dogs in the world has passed away. The little white Maltese named Trouble died at the age of 12 in Sarasota,FL. Trouble was the dog of New York hotel heiress Leona Helmsley. He reached international fame after the death of Helmsley in 2007 where she left 12 million dollars to her pooch instead of family members.

Helmsley was know as the "Queen of Mean" and served 18 months in federal prison on tax evasion charges in the early 1990s. Her quote was that "only little people pay taxes". But she had some love for her dog whom she purchased after the death of her husband. Well maybe she had love for the doggie or she just wanted to piss some more people off.

After 65 years it was time to Come Clean
After 65 years a murder has been solved. Not by great police work but due to confession of the killer. The 1946 murder of Felix Gulje, the head of a construction company who at the time was being considered for a high political post. It was a controversial event in the Netherlands and the failure to find his killer cause issue with politics in the country.

The woman killed the man because she mistakenly believed that Felix was collaborating with the Nazi's. Identified as Atie Ridder-Visser says that on March 1st, 1946 she went to Gulje's home in Leiden and shot him in the chest.

I don't know if this is an end of life confession or it was really weighing on her. I would not advise for anyone else out there especially here in the United States where they may still try to put you in jail. You know confessing to the higher power that you believe in is usually sufficient enough to take care of the end of life stuff.

Tracy Morgan says something Stupid But Whats New?
Stand up comic and 30 Rock cast member Tracy Morgan has pissed some people off. Apparently the former "hustle man" from Martin decided to offend the LGBT community. While Mr. Morgan was performing in Nashville, TN he stated that he would "pull out a knife and stab" his son for being gay. Now by a few accounts his entire set was full of homophobic slurs.

I am not going to go too hard on Tracy Morgan and try to go after his job. He is a clown that always says stupid things. I understand GLAAD (The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) launching their investigation and going to NBC offices to raise hell. They don't really give a damn what Morgan thinks either but they are trying to drum up publicity for gay issues. But lets be serious here no one's view on homosexuality is influenced by Tracy Morgan. If it is then we need a much larger intervention for you.

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