Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Weiner Just Couldn't Keep It Up

New York Representative has officially resigned from his seat in congress. After immense pressure from his own party leadership the lawmaker decided to call it quits. This entire handling of this fiasco makes me glad I am not a Democrat and also shows why I am not a Democrat. I am not fan of Republicans either but for much different reasons. At the end of the day the scandal is now over, the Democrats are happy and Republicans are laughing at them.

1. Democrats have no backbone - Anthony Weiner is a prime example of a spineless Dem that breaks under pressure. Everyone that was trying to pressure him to resign had no power to make him do so. The most important people to the congressman are the people who vote for him. Weiner could not hold out and his colleagues knew this. Democrats tend to fold on things regardless of the issue. Even when they are right on a policy or social issue they will cave to pressure. I may not be the biggest fan of Republicans but they ride whatever they are on until the end. Even if they are wrong they will be wrong 100% and not waver.

2. They Eat Their Own - Just like in the Rod Blagovich case the Democrats ate their own party member alive in front of the nation. There was no major pressure coming from the Republican party to force Weiner to resign. It may get mention by a member of the RNC or some low level GOP member. The Democrats broke out their biggest guns to take out one of their own members. Not only one of their own but a good congressmen who stood strong on party issues. Nancy Pelosi has to be the biggest Weiner hater. The House Minority Leader decided that this small scale scandal. A congressman with a wayward camera made the President of the United States have to respond and also calling for the man to resign.
Fellow NY congressman Charlie Rangel is still serving in congress despite being found guilty of ethics violations. He is there because his constituents elected him not pushed out by his fellow lawmakers. It would be helpful to have a man in a congressional seat that was likely to win and vote your way when you need something passed. All you people had to say was "The man made a mistake but we hope he can work through and get back to serving his constituents. Its an unfortunate situation that we hope he can learn from". That was not hard because I just made it up off the top of my head. The Democrats found it easier to assassinate a fellow party member.

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