Friday, June 10, 2011

Creflo Goes Hard Eddie Long

Good Creflo "Daddy" Dollar rides for Eddie Long "Stroke"
Just when I thought I was done talking Eddie Long craziness the great Creflo Dollar came to ride to his defense. Not saying whether the bishop was guilty or innocent but addressing the parishioners who left New Birth. This is one of the most self righteous things that I have ever heard from a pastor. Especially one who shares the name of a pimp. In his words "You are leaving the pastor because he had a wreck".

You can not sit there criticize people for leaving a church that they feel the leadership is not sufficient. In the same token I can not critique people for staying at the church because they believe in their pastor. Its not anybody's place to tell somebody how they should worship God. If you were clapping for this presentation by the Dollar man then I am going to say that you are an idiot.

Creflo even says "let me have wreck, I'm get in your face". Yeah you do that and see how that works. He even has the balls to even say that your wrecks are bigger than his. Excuse me, sir? You know nothing about my wrecks and only God can judge the severity of a spiritual wreck. He even says that "if he has a wreck he will go to heaven but you might mess something up by how you treat me". Hold on pastor that is some bull. I taking the independent mind that God himself gave me to leave a situation that I am not comfortable with will not keep me out of heaven. No person breathing or dead can make me believe that garbage.

Here is a Video of the Sermon

His statement of the preacher "having a wreck" implies that he himself believe that there was some wrong doing done here. A wreck is a man that steals money from work or a man that shot someone after a fight.

Eddie Long is accused of seducing young boys that he was intrusted with to lead into manhood. Violating their trust as their spiritual father and damaging them for life. That is a lot more than a wreck Creflo! Not only did he damage these young man but if true that means that he cheated on his wife repeatedly. This is not just the pastor writing bad checks but this is totally taking advantage of the church's trust in you as a leader.

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