Thursday, June 2, 2011

Weekly Crazy - Deadly woman, Tressel Out and

This Does Not Need to Be in Our Courts
Here is the story, we have a 25 year old aspiring rapper named John Powell who goes around a party and decided it is a good idea to let women punch him in the face for 5 dollars a pop. He then meets 22 year old, 5'5 and 142lbs Tiffany Startz who takes his bet and delivers a punch to Powell that accidentally kills him. Startz is on trial and facing charges of battery and reckless conduct.

The problem I have with this story is that Tiffany is on trial. These were 2 young people who were messing around and may have had too much to drink and it resulted in a horrible accident. The district attorney in Joilet, Ill needs to be fired for even bringing charges against this young lady. Per her attorney Ira Goldstein "She's a young girl with no training in body building or karate or fighting or anything like that." The biggest part of this situation is that the punch was initiated by the victim. This was not an act of violence against an innocent victim. I am sure that Startz is dealing with enough guilt from the punch she delivered. There is no need to pile on top of her with criminal charges. Will County Judge Edward Burmila who ruled that the case will continue also needs to be reevaluated. He should have the forethought to dismiss this case based on the fact it was a consensual punch.

Ohio State Football Makes 1st Sacrifice
Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel has stepped from his position at the University. He could be the first piece to fall in the Ohio State football saga. We need to watch this case because it could get really big soon. This scandal possibly at the small end could be as big as USC's troubles at the large end could blow up to SMU proportions. This is a problem with college football that may never get fixed because you so much money going into how do you control all of the moving parts. The problem with Ohio State is that now the investigation will expose moving parts that they did not want to be exposed.

Tressel knew about the players selling their goods and should be held responsible as the players are being held. Also there is the issue about the years of cars with the zero dollar sale price. Remember that Maurice Clarett said that there were issues under the Tressel administration or AJ Hawk getting 3,000 dollars cash from his apartment that no one could explain. We are one big whistler blower away from really taking down the OSU football program.

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