Thursday, June 23, 2011

A President Can't Make Anybody Happy

When President Barack Obama attempts to please everyone he seems to only tick them all off. It is not unusual for the president to get heavy criticism but not from the people that he is trying to please by his actions. The crazy thing is that he is actually doing what he said he would do during his campaign. Is he doing everything that he said he would do? The answer is no. Is he compromising his position on a lot of these problems? Yes he is but all politicians compromise.

Let's Work That Oil
This week the president decided to release 30 million barrels of oil from the countries strategic oil reserves to help lower the price of crude oil and possibly ease some pain at the pump. In conjunction with the IEA who also will put up about 30 million barrels to drop the demand curve a little. Now I disagreed with the move but I understand it. He was facing pressure from people to do something about the gas prices of which he does not have too much control over.

Bringing Home The Troops
You would think that this would piss off the Republicans but it does not. Democrats wanted troops from Afghanistan and Iraq to come home. But no its the Democrats that are saying he is not bringing home enough troops. According to Nancy "kill my own" Pelosi the American people want more. Did you ask the people Nancy? I think that its safe to say that he has brought home more troops than John McCain would have. Here is a little lesson on war and occupation. You can not just pull out of a country that you are occupying if you have not stabilized it. It only throws away the work that has been done. War is way too complicated and requires a lot of strategy and planning to be just thrown away.

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